BBQ Bash final words Well, at the end of the night, Mr. Nemitz reported that everyone who came to the BBQ Bash did a fine job. We kept the trash bins from overflowing, filled 4 dumpsters to the brim, and as darkness fell we gathered all the empty trash bins and policed the entire festival grounds. Plus, Mr. Carchio and Mr. Nemitz got to drive a cool tractor! Thanks to all for helping out this worthy cause, and we will find out later how much the organizers are able to share with the Troop.

This Week

TUESDAY NIGHT - Something important may happen -- I'll tell you later if it turns into good news -- Keep your fingers crossed!

WEDNESDAY NIGHT - is a Campout Planning meeting for this weekend's trip to Caloosahatchee Regional Park! Think about what you'd like your patrol to eat this weekend, be prepared to sign up for Grubmaster duty, and bring the campout fee of $15 if you don't have it sitting in your account. See the flyer on our website for additional details -- Caloosahatchee Flyer

SUMMER CAMP - The 2nd deposit of $75.00 was due last Wednesday, April 16th, as shown on the flyer handed out last month and posted on our web site, CAMPING PAGE

See you Wednesday night!

Signed Mr. Etz